iOS App for Buying & Selling Items

Just like the android class I took last semester, I took an iOS one this semester. Me and 4 others created this app where UVM students would be able to buy and sell their items with each other.

RC Snowcat Building a Jump

My brother got an RC Snowcat, the Kyosho Blizzard FR. Built a small jump on the deck with it. Once we get some more snow I want to build a mini park in the back yard.

Android App & Website for Judging

Me and 3 others recently built an Android app as part of an Android Development class at UVM. It has a companion website, and uses it for its database.

Learning React - Lifting State

The more things I build the more work-aroundy solutions I end up building out in javascript, mostly using jQuery to make things go quicker. Becuase of this it is making it look like learning React JS is a good idea. So, in effort to allow me to build cooler things quicker and more sustainably I’ve started learning React.

Snow Biking

Snow biking, not the most exciting video. There was something on my jacket hitting the camera, so just mute it if it annoys you. My brother forgot his helmet so he went full face.

Desk LEDs with Github Integration (Raspberry Pi)

For a class at UVM, we needed to create a final project with a Raspberry Pi. I was running out of ideas and time to come up with them, so I decided to settle on running LEDs off of it, but to make it not boring the LEDs would integrate with other applications. The first integration I implemented was Github.

Thanksgiving Ski at Mount Snow

Had thanksgiving in southern Vermont, right near Mount Snow. Been to a bunch of bike races there, but never been for lift skiing. Looks like there are a bunch of mountain bike trails there too for downhill biking. There wasn't really snow anywhere off the open trails, and you could see the bike trails which looks really good. Want to go back for biking.

Charly the puppy

Tucker got a little sister today, Charly. They seem to get along.

HTML Email Announcement.

After wrestling with an html email bug for 3+ hours today, I think I have found the cause. Some of the inline styling and formatting was sending really inconsistantly and I wasn’t sure why.

Making an average photo a little less average.

I just realized that it has been a very long time since the last time I touched photoshop or my gopro. I enjoy that kind of stuff so I thought I just mess around with an old photo. I'll be taking screenshots as I touch it up, so expect this to be a little scatter brained.

Radio Button CSS Slider

I thought it would be cool to try and make an image/content slider using only HTML, and css. I was hoping to make it completely navigate-able (I think that's a word) by using the keyboard. I am modeling it after the one that instagram uses on with the little dots at the bottom.

April 29th, 2017 Ride

I haven't figured out the right settings to export gopro footage yet. With shots like this there is so much information change each frame cause the camera moves so much and there is so much detail in the leaves and trees. I've tried uploading to vimeo to, but it's not really any different.

I figured out how to add Images

This website was looking really boring, so I thought this would be a good time for me to figure out images. Well, not the image part, but figuring out how to organize and access them in jekyll’s file organization.

Site upgraded to bootstrap.

I was recently introduced to bootstrap, and I want to practice using their classes a bit. So, I scrapped the default ‘minima’ theme that jekyll offers, and created this instead.

I bought my domain.

I’ve known my name.com was available for a while, and I figured I should get it while I can. I am not sure what I will do with this site yet, but right now it’s just hosted for free on github pages and is built with jekyll.