This website was looking really boring, so I thought this would be a good time for me to figure out images. Well, not the image part, but figuring out how to organize and access them in jekyll’s file organization.

I decided the best route was just to make an img directory at the root of my repo and I could implement my own organizational system from there. In order to access the pictures in posts and through out the side I will just need to prefix the path path with { site.baseurl }. To my knowledge this gets the correct number of ../ to the root of the site.

The entire reason I wanted to figure this out was to make the front page look less boring. My thought was that some posts would have images to show with them. My next problem here would be how to know if the post had an image to show, and where to get it. I was going to do something with the excerpt and custom delimeter, but then found a much better solution by adding another ‘field’ (i think it’d be called) to the post header. For instance, here is what the header of this post looks like.

layout: post
title:  "I figured out how to add Images"
date:   2017-04-26 21:20:00 -0400
categories: random web dev
permalink: /image-with-jekyll
featured-image: /img/2017-04/boltonryan2.jpg
type: featured

By adding the featured-image field I can then make a check when printing out post as to whether or not to show and image. Here’s whats that looks like.

if post.featured-image and post.featured-image != ""
  // Print out the version with the image
  // Print out the version without the image

As a bonus I also wanted to be able to print out a post with emphasis, so there is a type: featured. Again, I just need to check if that’s there, and if it is I will print out the featured version. As the time of this writing that just makes the post wider.