The more things I build the more work-aroundy solutions I end up building out in javascript, mostly using jQuery to make things go quicker. Becuase of this it is making it look like learning React JS is a good idea. So, in effort to allow me to build cooler things quicker and more sustainably I’ve started learning React.

I’ve read through the quickstart docs and decided that I would give lifting state a go. This is something I wanted to do because at first I always want to put all the data in the state of the outermost container… which may not always be the best thing. Also, updating parent state from child input is really important.

I built a really quick demo of ‘Thoughts’, that have a like button. You can click the like for each one and it increments the like, also updating the progress bar towards the arbitrary goal of 100 likes. There is also a simulation built in that will randomly add likes to ‘Thoughts’ so you can just watch it go. You can check out the demo here.

You can checkout the code here, if you see anything really odd let me know.